Avon Medical Practice


No. Avon Medical Practice is a full service healthcare facility, with added facilities including a laboratory, theatre and infant clinic. Avon HMO, a health management organization, is a sister company which provides health insurance that may be used to pay for treatment at our facility and several other hospitals and clinics across the country.

Avon Medical Practice is located at 8 Adedamola Ojomo Close, off Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos. Our walk-in service clinic is located on the 3rd floor, West Wing of City Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island.

All enquiries may be directed to: +234 708 382 4075, +234 708 382 4064

Patients who arrive at Avon Medical Practice will be attended to by the nurse who will assess the patient’s nursing care needs and a treatment plan laid-out after Doctors consultation, further progress in the admission process will be based on the individuals healthcare plan (Fee paying or insured). For more information, please contact us directly.

Clothing Patients should wear comfortable, casual clothes while at Avon Medical. We suggest a few changes of easy-to-wash day and night wear, including underwear, socks, shoes, bathrobe and slippers. Patients should also mark all pieces of clothing, as well as such items as eyeglasses, contacts and canes. Personal Care Items Patients may bring the following items, if appropriate: Toothbrush Toothpaste Shampoo Soap Soap container Hair dryer Electric shaver Hairbrush Comb Eyeglasses Contact-lens care material Deodorant Drugs and Alcohol To ensure the safety of all our patients and staff, alcohol and illegal or improperly-acquired drugs are not permitted anywhere on Avon Medical property Medications Patients are advised to bring medication they are currently on and submit to the nurses, who will dispense as appropriate taking. Avon Medical is not responsible for personal items, including eyeglasses and dentures. Patients are advised to leave valuables, including jewelry, at home. Use of cameras are not allowed in any of our units, including cameras in mobile phones, watches and other electronic devices.

The staff at Avon Medical are trained to ensure that patients receive the best care possible. Your treatment team will be introduced to you on admission and every member of the medical team will introduce themselves to you before instituting any form of care. All procedures carried out will be explained to you before they are performed.

Questions regarding insurance benefits should be directed to the patient’s health management organization (HMO).

For the health of our patients and staff and to comply with state and federal laws, smoking is prohibited in all hospital buildings.

Visiting hours vary by unit. Kindly contact us to find out relevant information.

Yes, all our buildings have handicap access.

Privacy Avon Medical Practice’s policies and federal law protect the privacy of patients’ identities and information. In general, any disclosure of clinical information requires the patient’s (or guardian’s) written consent. There are additional specific privacy protections for persons with HIV. Medical Records A discharge will be issued to patients upon discharge at no extra cost may. Patients may obtain a copy of their records by submitting a written request and authorization to the Medical Records department, this will attract a charge. Internet Access Internet access is available upon request at a fee.

Avon Medical Practice policy allows patients, their families, legal guardians or healthcare agents to request permission to either inspect a hospital record or obtain a copy of the discharge summary or other portion(s) of a record. A request must be accompanied by the consent of the patient or other legally authorized person. Although most requests are granted, if a determination is made that inspection will result in serious harm to the patient, such access will be denied.

Issues of patient confidentiality demand that Avon Medical Practice staff protect patient privacy. Under no circumstances will patients or patient-related issues be discussed with a member of the media without the patient’s written consent.