Medical Outsourcing & Onsite Clinic Services

We are committed to developing and implementing onsite medical solutions that enable customers to have access to immediate healthcare services.
onsite clinic services

Healthcare clinic in your office

Avon Medical Practice serve as a trusted medical contract partner and work closely with customers to design and establish efficient, cost-effective solutions designed to cover a wide range of medical needs, Avon Medical Practice consistently delivers superior service.

In today’s competitive environment, organisations need to prioritize staff welfare by creating accessible health schemes. One way of achieving this is through a comprehensive healthcare package that integrates a work-site clinic. The benefits of this in today’s fast-paced corporate world include reduction of absenteeism, improved productivity and increased staff morale.

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Clinic Structures

Several options exist with respect to the clinic structure.

Medications can be billed as utilised or stocked in the clinic for consumption.

NOTE: Customised packages are available on demand.
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