Children’s Day 2023: The Importance of Investing In Child Health

Marked annually, Children’s Day is an important occasion to recognise the African child, focusing on building a better future for them by investing in their education, safety, and most importantly- health.

This year, the theme for Children’s Day, “Investing in our Children: Building a Better Future”, underscores the importance of providing for the health and well-being of children to create a better future for the African child.

Some of the most prevalent illnesses that affect children include malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia, and malnutrition. By providing regular check-ups and vaccinations, parents can help ensure that their children stay healthy and avoid illnesses. This can also help reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes for children in the long run.

Avon Medical is a leading healthcare network with a full-service hospital with Maternal & Child Care Services. Healthcare constantly evolves, with new treatments and technologies being developed every day. Avon Medical ensures it provides contemporary and world-class healthcare for children and all its patients.

Dr Olubunmi Salako, Consultant Paediatrician and Head, of Clinical Services & Quality Assurance, Avon Medical, comments, “The future of the healthcare system in Nigeria is promising irrespective of the high rate of migrations. The new development and innovation like the use of electronic medical records (EMRs) have allowed healthcare providers to access a child’s medical history, history of allergies, and previous illnesses, remotely, making it easier to provide personalized care and track progress over time.

We also advocate for children, aligning with the ‘child right act,’ which ensures that all children are able to live a healthy, safe, and fulfilling life, free from abuse, exploitation, and discrimination.”

Avon Medical provides a wide range of child health services, including neonatal care, phototherapy, immunisation and well-baby clinics, paediatric and neurodevelopmental assessment, paediatric surgeries, orthopaedics, general surgery services, ENT, and several others to ensure the total wellbeing of children.

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