Celebrating International Nurses Week at Avon Medical

At Avon Medical, our nurses are the backbone of our organisation, and they have a significant impact on the patient’s outcome and overall hospital visit. All our nurses play a vital role in our goal of providing a world-class healthcare experience and improving lives across Africa.  

Globally, International Nurses Week is celebrated, as an opportunity to thank nurses and express gratitude and appreciation towards their services.

Our Ag. CEO at Avon Medical, Dr Akinbiyi Oke, commented, International Nurses Day and Nurses Week is a time to express gratitude and appreciation towards all our nurses for the service they render to society. Without the dedication of our nurses, we would not be able to fulfil our promise of world-class healthcare services at a global standard.”

This 2023, with a theme focused on “Our Nurses. Our Future,” Avon Medical is raising awareness about the critical role nurses play in healthcare- paying recognition to the problems and issues they encounter and celebrating their perseverance.

Mrs Olayide Akau-Bognet, Chief Nursing Officer at Avon Medical, added, “As a nurse, I have met people of diverse personalities, opinions, beliefs and values and I have learnt to accommodate and satisfy them because being a nurse to me is more about empathy.”

“During the pandemic, I made sure to lead by example by being at the forefront. I am willing to impact and clone myself on other nurses to ensure we attain a global standard. It has been a privilege doing this and my advice to nurses out there is to remain exceptional, professional, and committed”.

The International Council of Nurses warned that there could be a shortage of 13 million nurses by 2030 unless drastic action is taken so the annual celebration of nurses’ week is vital, as it shines a light on nurses and on a brighter future, moving nurses from invisible to valuable in the eyes of the public, and all those who make decisions affecting the delivery and financing of health care.

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