Vacancy: Medical Radiographer

Job Title:  Medical Radiographer

Company Name: Avon Medical Practice

Department:  Diagnostic

Reports to: Consultant Radiologist

Supervising: Consultant Radiologist

Location:  Hospital


A Medical radiographer, also known as a radiologic technologist, is required to take x-rays or use other imaging equipment to get a clear image of parts of a patient’s body.


  • Responsible for explaining proper imaging procedures to patients, positioning patients correctly, and producing x-rays or other images for a doctor to be able to make an accurate diagnosis and outline proper treatment plan for the patient.
  • To administer radiologic procedures with as much care as possible in order to prevent overexposure to radiation, both for the patient and the radiologist.
  • Must communicate effectively with both patients and doctors.
  • Responsible for preparing and safely positioning patients in order to get the most accurate images.
  • Assist the radiologist with advanced preparation and testing to administrative tasks, such as organizing work  schedules and maintaining patient records.
  • Assist physicians with data images designed to identify pathologies with internal organs using noninvasive  sound waves.
  • Ensuring equipment is maintained and used safely.
  • Must exercise understanding, patience and empathy in order to calm patients and carry out all necessary scans    and X-rays.
  • Ability to communicate with people of all ages and react quickly in emergencies is essential.
  • To work across different areas of the hospital, including wards and operating theatres.
  • Maintain a good rapport with patients of all ages, each of whom may present with a different illness and severity of condition.


  • To keep up with changes in the field as modern technology gets more and more sophisticated to improve their  ability to work with cutting-edge medical equipment.
  • Understand the different techniques used include  in radiography to produce clear images needed for diagnosis.
  • Demonstrate the required knowledge and training to deal with a huge range of conditions and injuries.
  • Have and display a good understanding of the HMO’s business.
  • To drive and makes the diagnostic unit a profit-oriented business unit.


  • knowledgeable about human anatomy
  • Ability to produce high-quality images of the human body.
  • Must be conversant with the use of X-rays, fluoroscopy and nuclear dyes
  • Ability to communicate effectively


  • Must have a university degree in Medical Radiography
  • Radiography certification
  • Postgraduate in a similar field will be an added advantage
  • 0-3 years’ experience


How to apply

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