Avon Medical Practice Celebrates Customer Service Week, Renews Commitment To World-Class Service

Celebrating the 2022 edition of International Customer Service Week, Avon Medical Practice renewed its commitment to world-class healthcare services and supporting its patients. This year, the theme for Customer Service Week is “Celebrate Service”.

Honouring the staff at the healthcare network, Avon Medical Practice, Dr Ijeoma Dozie, the Medical Director, commented, “The wellbeing of our patients is what drives us. Every day, the whole team at Avon Medical Practice work to improve lives across Africa by providing affordable, world-class healthcare services. 

Over the course of the year, our amazing team have worked tirelessly to improve the efficiency of our services and provide the best patient support. We are thankful for the continued support of all our patients, and our dedicated team remains ready to consistently service our customers.”

The International Customer Service Week celebration began 38 years ago as a time set aside to recognise and appreciate the work done by employees in service organisations. It focuses on the importance of customer service in running successful businesses, and the staff’s role in achieving this.

Avon Medical Practice is a leading multispecialty healthcare provider and healthcare network based in Lagos, Nigeria. At Avon Medical Practice, they provide a world-class patient experience with ultramodern facilities ranging from a full-service hospital, multiple on-site clinics across five states in Nigeria, and a state-of-the-art dialysis centre, Avon Dialysis Centre.

Shekinah Olagunju, the Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, at Avon Medical Practice, commented, “We have planned a number of activities this Customer Service Week to celebrate our patients and customer service representatives. We are thankful to our customers for choosing Avon Medical Practice as their preferred healthcare provider.”

 “For regular updates on Avon Medical Practice, visit our website, www.avonmedical.com and follow our social media pages @avonmedicalpractice on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to learn more about Avon Medical Practice.”

As a portfolio company within the Heirs Holdings, a family-owned investment company with a mission to improve lives and transform Africa, Avon Medical’s operations are rooted in the economic philosophy of Africapitalism; a private sector-led approach to Africa’s development through long-term investments in critical sectors creating both economic prosperity and social wealth.